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Wanna know more about Diogo Morgado? Here's some information and answers to commonly asked questions about this talented actor/director.
  • Diogo Miguel Morgado Soares (his full name) was born on January 17, 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal. (according to Diogo's own Facebook Page, his Twitter Page from 2011 and now his corrected IMDb page.)
  • Though Diogo first gained recognition in the United States with his brilliant performance of "Jesus" in the epic series, "The Bible", Diogo is actually an established, very successful actor in his native country of Portugal for many years now.  While he told Oprah of his fame in Portugal, "I am known there," Diogo has in fact been an actor in Portugal since he was 15, after modeling for about a year.  But he has also said that he didn't decide he wanted to pursue it fully until he was 21.  Many Portuguese fans say his breakout role was in 2000 in the Portuguese network SIC TV's first tele-film, "Amo-te Teresa."  You can read more about his acting career prior to "The Bible" here: Diogo Morgardo -- Bio and you can see the full list of his credits on his official IMDb page here: Diogo Morgado - IMDb
  • American audiences will be thrilled to know that Diogo has already filmed two movies slated for release in the United States some time in 2013....  an action movie called Born to Race: Fast Track and a crime drama called Red Butterfly.  Both films are still in post production and do not have release dates yet, but please check out my "Born to Race: Fast Track" page  and "Red Butterfly" page for updates please.  
  • Diogo has said he speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, and some French. 
  • Diogo has said that he grew up in the Christian faith, and that playing Jesus deepened that faith.  
  • Diogo has said the most difficult scene for him to film in "The Bible" was the Crucifixion, which he said took 3 days to film.
  • Diogo has said his favorite scene in "The Bible" is The Last Supper.
  • When asked what his favorite Bible verse was during a recent Twitter chat, Diogo responded: "I am the way, the truth and the Life."
  • Diogo has said the first scene he filmed first for "The Bible" was the being tempted by Satan scene with the snake, and the last scene he filmed was the scene on the road to Damascus with Paul.
  • Recognize that voice?  On"Oprah's Next Chapter," Roma Downey & Mark Burnett revealed that Diogo was also the voice of "God" in some of the Old Testament scenes in "The Bible," including the Burning Bush scene with Moses.
  • When asked often if anything "unusual" happened to him while filming "The Bible" playing Jesus, Diogo has said that he was the only cast member who didn't get sick the entire 4 months they shot the series in Ouarzazate, Morocco.  For more info on the filming of "The Bible," please visit their website and pick up a copy of The Bible: The Epic Miniseries on DVD and Blu Ray.  The behind the scenes/extra features are amazing!
  • Diogo is on Twitter!  You can follow him there at @D_Morgado.  That is his ONLY Twitter and he has been verified by Twitter at that address with the verified account blue check next to his name.  If anyone under any other Twitter name claims to be Diogo, you can report them as Spam/Fraud.
  • Diogo has an official Facebook Page too: Diogo Morgado's Facebook Page.  Again, that is his only OFFICIAL Facebook page.  If you see any other Facebook pages by someone pretending/claiming to be Diogo, please report them to Facebook.
  • Diogo has said his hobbies include cooking, dancing, and going to the movies.  He loves movies and has said his favorite movie is "Forrest Gump," and Tom Hanks is one of his favorite actors.
  • Diogo recently said via a Twitter chat for his Spanish fans that he lives in Lisbon and Los Angeles.  Specifically, according to him, in his living room.  :)
  • When asked by a fan on Twitter to describe himself in 3 words, Diogo said: "Probably: honesty, perseverance, and altruism."
  • Diogo recently said on the Q&A here on the blog that he will have an official website soon, which will include an e-mail address for fan mail.  Exact launch date and website address is to be announced.
  • On his Q&A, Diogo also shared fan mail addresses for him in both the US and Portugal, along with a note about sending him fan mail: 
"Diogo: I do have a fan mail address in the US....

C/o Park Noack Agency  
10866 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 400
Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA

Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão, nº250 
4000-265 Porto – PORTUGAL
The only problem is that if you guys send anything to a country that I'm not in at the moment, it might take a while until I get it. Probably a month in case I'm shooting.  The best way will be an email account that we´re going to do for the official website."
  • Please read "Q&A: Diogo's Answers to Your Questions!" for even more information about Diogo, as answered by the man himself.
  • If you still just can't get enough of Diogo and want to know more, there is a GREAT blog/fansite, called  Blog sobre o actor Diogo Morgado run by a couple of Diogo's incredible fans in Portugal. Yes, it is in Portuguese, but did you know if you open a foreign page in Google Chrome it will ask you ask if you want it to be translated to English for you?  It's not a perfect translation, but you can still learn a lot about Diogo's incredible career in Portugal.  If you are using another browser, don't worry!  There's a Google translate option right there on the blog, just pull down to select English to translate.  If not, you can always just browse more pictures of Diogo from before and after "The Bible."  It's a really well done site, beautifully reflective of Diogo's home country.  
Finally, out of respect for Diogo and his talent, I will NOT report on or post any gossip, or personal/private information about Diogo.   (NOTE: I also will delete any comments posted that I feel might be "crossing the line" in this regard.  Thank you for understanding.)

Questions about the site?  Technical Issues?  Please e-mail me at: diogofanfriends@gmail.com.

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