Monday, May 25, 2015

Diogo at the Globos de Ouro

(image courtesy of SIC)

Diogo recently attended the XX Gala dos Globos de Ouro, Portugal's Golden Globes, where he presented an award with his former "Sol de Inverno" co-star, the AMAZINGLY talented Maria João Luís ("Laura.") Our very own amazingly talented and kind friend Dina, sent us the video of Diogo on the Globos de Ouro.  Including a translation of his and Maria's appearance on the Red Carpet before the awards, which can be found right below the video.

Diogo on Globos de Ouro

Ricardo Pereira (RP) and Sofia Cerveira (SC) are the hosts of Globos de Ouro's red carpet.
RP: This is only the beginning of our party. Sofia, we have by our side two powerful people.
SC: (joking) No, nothing like that. No ... that's your impression.
DM: I'm going inside. If you need help, say something.
RP: Diogo and Maria João will help. Here we have two extraordinary actors. We have Diogo who has spent much of his time in the United States, and Maria João who has just premiered in the new novela, "As Poderosas" ("The Powerful.")  It is powerful. Sofia, you can start with the lady.
SC: How are things going with this Jacinta (her character in "As Poderosas") Maria João?
MJ: Well, it's been a very big challenge because it is a character that requires great concentration and great commitment. But it is delightful to do, because she is a positive woman, although many bad things have happened to her, and that's always good to do.
SC: SIC is gonna bet on this "second position" series, [note: her new series airs after SIC's other current series, "Mar Salgado," and it's the first time SIC has had two novelas (one first, one in a "second position") at the same time] and that's very good.
DM: For me, I think it's very good. I do not think there is such a thing as the "second position." By the way, I saw the first episode of "As Poderosas" and I was giddy. It is an exceptional thing. For one thing the serious location, in Malaysia, something in which I could be there ... The performances of Margarida Marinho and Rogério Samora were fantastic. I liked it very much, very, very much.
SC: We went backstage for it on "E especial."
DM: Lucky people.
RP: But Diogo, tell me something. You have now spent much of your time outside Portugal. You only came back to go to the Golden Globes?
DM: I'm imitating you. I'm imitating you.
RP: We are two emigrants.
DM: No, you're much more an emigrant than me, Ricardo. I'm going out there to go on vacation...
RP: But you've always been working on productions, and you just had the "The Messengers" premiere. Now, you're here just for the Golden Globes, or you'll spend a season here?
DM: No, I came especially for the Globes. In fact, next week I start work on another film in Ohio, and all is well. I cannot complain. But I couldn't fail to be here. It is a tremendous pleasure to be at the Globes once again, to award and celebrate in the year what various sectors of our country do in striving to honor Portugal.
SC: An as magical a night as it already is, tonight also celebrates the twentieth anniversary of "Caras" magazine. For a night like this, you come dressed up. I can't help but ask Maria João who she is wearing.
MJ: The dress is  by Nuno Baltazar.
SC: A kiss to Nuno. It's very beautiful.
MJ: Thank you.
RP: I want to give you a big hug. Thank you very much for coming, because I think with our presence, we managed to give strength to the Globos de Ouro. That is why we are celebrating twenty years. It is to have the presence of all these extraordinary artists who brighten up this magnificent party.
SC: And you have not seen anything at home yet, because today's ceremony promises a lot.
DM: And the stage? And the stage? I saw it yesterday at  the rehearsals...
RP: Can you reveal a little about it?
DM: Look, I can say it has a super sophisticated look, but at the same time, it has a taste of the Oscars. You know? Oscars' golden touch. I really liked it. I liked it a lot. Go see.
SC: Thank you and have fun.
DM: Thank you. See you later.
Next on the video, Diogo Morgado and Maria João Luís present the award for Best Actor in a Film, followed by a couple of appearances of Diogo in the audience.  :) 

A HUGE obrigada to Dina, as always, for the video and translation!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Diogo Morgado on "Noches con Platanito"

Diogo was a guest on Estrella TV's irreverent talk show "Noches con Platanito" to chat about "The Messengers."  He also joined host Platanito and others in playing a couple of games.  Below is Diogo's interview on the show, which is in Spanish, but the last two videos don't really need a translation, trust me.  :)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Diogo Morgado in REGARD Magazine

(images courtesy of Regard Magazine)

Diogo is featured in the April 2015 issue of Regard Magazine, which also includes some pictures of Diogo with his "The Messengers" co-star Shantel VanSanten, along with an interview with Diogo about his new CW series.

You can download/buy your own digital copy of Regard Magazine's April/Spring issue in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

And don't forget to watch Diogo as "The Man" in "The Messengers" on the CW EVERY Friday night at 9/8c!  The awesome series is also available on the CW website, (in the US only) Hulu and on iTunes.  And it premieres in Portugal on April 28th, so tune in! Diogo is utterly AMAZING as "The Man!"  SO proud of him!