Friday, December 19, 2014

Diogo on SIC's "Jornal da Noite"

Diogo was on SIC's evening news program "Jornal da Noite" last week.  Their reporter spent the day with Diogo when he is was back in Portugal recently to promote his new film, "Virados do Avesso."  They talked as they rode around beautiful Lisbon in a "Tuk Tuk."  You'll understand what that is when you watch the video below, no translation needed. :)  But, Dina was kind enough to send us the translation for the interview, also found below.  Obrigada Dina, as always!

(video courtesy of SIC)

Host: It was on a sunny day in Lisbon and during a break from filming a new series that is currently shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, Diogo Morgado gave an interview to SIC, aboard a Tuk Tuk. 
DM: Wow... this seems like a war film... (because of all the bumps the Tuk-Tuk hits, the camera is not steady.)
Host: The first thing is the movie “Virados do Avesso,” in which you are the lead.
DM: This film is directed by Edgar Pêra, a director known for his avant-garde style, experimental films that have been recognized out there, mostly. It is a completely mainstream film, a light comedy, pure entertainment and fun. Combine these two styles, into one film, it's clearly a new concept and I think the Portuguese audience will benefit from it.
Friend: You're gay...
João (Diogo): Gay? Who? Me?
João’s sister on the phone: He doesn’t remember that he is gay.]
DM: Basically, my character, João, suddenly wakes up almost in someone else's life. With his best friend fully naked, in bed.
(The Tuk Tuk jumps)
DM: Hey Hey... earthquake.
(João wakes up, sees a man lying beside him in bed, and freaks out.)
João: What the f*** is this?
Carlos: What the f***?
João: What the f***? You're in my bed...
Carlos: And?
João: (starts to stutter) and ... and .... you have no t-shirt on...
Carlos: No t-shirt and also no...
João:  Look, what happened to your head for you to stay there, in my bed, all naked?
Carlos: But you're also naked ...
João:  But I sleep naked.
Carlos: Me too ... Oh, oh love ...
João: Love ??? Love ??? Oh oh oh, this is no longer funny, Carlos.
Carlos: But are you crazy, or what?
João: Oh, oh, oh, shut up. Wearing nohing. I can't talk to you like this.
Carlos: I'm sorry. You're not right in the head.
João: Put on something to wear. I cannot talk to you like that.
Carlos: Okay. Already dressed!
João: What is that? (referring to the underwear that Carlos just put on.)]
DM: Jorge Corrula plays my best friend/boyfriend. We've known each other a long time and it was very funny being in that situation, like, "wait a minute ... why am I in bed with you?"
Host: Like "at what point is it in our career that we are now in bed together?"
DM: (laughs) Exactly. We have just been in bed together.
Isabel: João???
João:  Can I come in?
Isabel: What? Now?
João: (sarcastically) No. Two months from now.. I just came to make an appointment.]
Host: It was the Portuguese film seen by many by the end of opening weekend. Almost 30,000. Just behind "The Hunger Games - The Uprising - part 1", which was a huge blockbuster.
 DM: This is all a very big lottery, right? Sometimes the quality of the film does not show by the number of people who see it. It has to do sometimes with the promotion. Sometimes it has to do with the times we are living, or the time of year. If people are having difficult times they don;t want to go see heavy films that make the suffering more. And that is when the comedies stand out.
Host: And that's what your gut tells you this time, for this film?
DM: I think so. I think people have a need to unwind, to relax, to see things that make them laugh. I believe it will do very well.
(His book editor goes to v and tries to kiss him.)
João: (he pushes him away) What is this? Are you crazy or what? What is this? I'm not gay ...
Editor: I came to see how the book is going.
João: You came to check on the book, and brought a suitcase? What's the suitcase for?]
DM: For what we do, there are always people who love it and people who do not like it. So if I were to worry about what people think, honestly, I would have done little or nothing. What we have to think about is to be respectful in what and how we do things, and to be aware that the intention is not to offend anyone. I think people will have fun too. Gay people, who I hope will see this film, will have fun too.
Editor: (whispers) Don't you want to think about it?
João: Noooo ....]
Host: Currently the actor divides his time between Lisbon and the United States.
DM: Like any actor, in Portugal, and in the United States, the work is done through an agent, yes.
Host: So you don’t have to be there all the time ...
DM: No. I don’t have to be there. In fact, two films I did in the United States (Red Butterfly and Born to Race), I was between there and Portugal. Contrary to what most people think, I have not emigrated. I live here (in Portugal). And when I'm not here, it's because I'm off working, to do something. I am currently shooting a series for CW called The Messengers, which premieres around February next year. I hope it comes here, to SIC. I hope it will be shown on SIC, and it's all absolutely normal. The situation is a bit weird, because I'm here and there.
Host: And there? You feel at home too?
DM: I can't say I feel at home, but I can say that I feel comfortable enough to allow me to do what I like to do.
Host: You're with your son too? He lives there now, right now, or no?
DM: My son lives with me and his mother.Wherever I am, my family is with me. I think carefully about the logistics, and how it will be, so that it's more or less easy to make it all work out well. If there is any kind of plan I do have, it is always a very strong desire to do something as different as possible. I can say, for example, that the series I'm doing for the CW, at this time, I do a role completely opposite to the figure of Jesus. I play evil. Not just the bad character of the show. I play evil. I represent evil. My character is called The Man, and he represents what is evil in mankind.
Host: The series is set to debut in the US in Spring of 2015.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Diogo on Só Visto!

Diogo and his "Virados do Avesso" co-stars were on RTP's "Só Visto!" this past weekend, as the show was at the recent cocktail party/presentation of the comedy film, which is playing in theaters now in Portugal.  Our rock star Dina was kind enough to send us the segment, along with the translation for Diogo's parts in the short but sweet clip, which can be found right below the video.

Diogo on SóVisto!

Adriane Garcia/Host (AG): The film "Virados do Avesso" is already in theaters.   Só Visto attended the cocktail party for the film, which promises fun for all, with an all star cast and Edgar Pêra directing.
Adriane to Diogo: The last time I saw you was on Skype, at the premiere of the film.
(They show the clip from a couple weeks ago with Diogo on Skype via an ipad his costar Jorge Corrula is holding:  Adriane holds the mic up to the iPad and says: Hi Diogo, are you listening?" and Diogo says "
Hi, Hi."  Andriane asks, "Are you hearing us well?"  And Diogo says "Very well. There's a lot of commotion but I am hearing you well.")
Diogo to Adriane: I wanted so much to be at the premiere, I thought "why not use these new technologies?" As this gentleman is, for example. (He points to the director of the movie, Edgar Pêra, who is filming the interview with his phone.)
AG: He's making a short [film.]
DM: We all desire to entertain the public and do something different.
DM: It's a comedy, it's fun. People will have fun. We need to laugh. But it is also great that various private companies could come together to make a Portuguese film happen. So the excuses not to go see this movie are very few.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Making of Diogo's Dreambooks 2014/2015 Campaign

 Dreambooks, the photo book company Diogo has been working with since 2009, posted a video today that shows the making of/behind the scenes footage of Diogo's most recent campaign for them.  You can check out this quick but fun video below, no translation needed! 

(video courtesy of Dreambooks Portugal)

Check out how some of those photos turned out! :)


New fans may not know this, but Diogo was an "Ambassador" for Dreambooks for their campaign a few years ago to create one of the world's largest photo books for "Portugal: Melhor Destino" ("Portugal: The Best Destination."   Also for that special project, Diogo made an AMAZING film about his beloved country, called "Eu sou Portugal" ("I am Portugal") that I guarantee will make you want to book a trip to Portugal now.

And speaking of Portugal, for you lucky fans there, Dreambooks now has an app available!  You should check it out.  Just in time to make perfect Christmas gifts!  :)