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"Sol de Inverno" - Episodes 160, 162, and 163 Translations

(Please note that "Eduardo" was not in episode 161, and as always, thank you to Dina for the translations!)

(Laura, Eduardo and Margarida are gathered in the living room) 
Eduardo: So, how's it going the work with the new horse? 
Margarida: Well. There is still much work ahead, but it is going well, thank you. 
Margarida: Is everything okay, Mom? You've barely said a word since you got here... 
Laura: I feel a bit tired. Many problems to solve. I'm no longer 20 years old. 
Eduardo: (doesn't let the opportunity slip) Mom you should delegate more... 
Laura: As soon as your sister is better, that's what I intend to do. 
Margarida: Is everything alright?
Laura: More or less, daughter. The situation is not great, is it? I'm thinking of moving production abroad to a country where production costs are lower. 
Eduardo: Of course the quality may be affected, but... 
Laura: There are countries where manpower is cheap and they produce with quality. For me it's that I will not have such a heavy tax burden. 
(Teresa and Vicente enter the living room.) 
Vicente: Good evening.
Margarida: Hello...
Laura: Are you feeling better, daughter?
Teresa: Yes, better.
Eduardo: Look, your boyfriend, he's so ... strong, has muscles and lifts weights, he could carry you. So you do not tire out ... Is that not romantic? 
(They all ignore him.) 
Teresa: (to Vicente) I'll walk you to the door. 
Vicente: Have a good rest of your night. 
Laura and Margarida: Good night.
(Laura gives disapproving glances to Eduardo.) 
Eduardo: Mom, come on, don't give me that look. You're as fond of this relationship as I am. 
Laura: But I'm an educated person... 

(Laura is on the phone with the police inspector, when Eduardo comes in.) 
Eduardo: Inspector?
Laura: Still no clues about Thais, and we will stop having police surveillance at home. What did you want to see me about?  
Eduardo: Mom, I've been thinking about an expansion plan for Boheme in the Middle East. 
Laura: I can't talk about it now. I have no time. 
Eduardo: But this is important, mother. 
Laura: Eduardo, do not insist. Do not press. When I tell you that I have no time, do not push, son ... 
Eduardo: Mother, by any chance, have you seen the newspapers lately? Because they don't talk about anything else except the success of Sofia's company. 
Laura: I read something about it. Nowadays it is very easy to buy press. 
Eduardo: But mother, we have to do something. We have to act ... 
Laura: I'm on it. For now we will stop production. It is one less fixed expense that we will have, in addition to less labor problems. 
Eduardo: But that's not enough, mother. We need new blood, we need the Boheme has a direction... 
Laura: I assume by new blood you're referring to yourself, Eduardo. 
Eduardo: Yes, but not just me. 
Laura: Want to help? Put your department on giving me ideas. 
Eduardo: Mom, I don't understand why you still treat me like that. I cannot understand it. 
Laura: You don't understand?
Eduardo: No. I cannot.  I'm the only one there at home, doing stupid things ... 
Laura: What are you suggesting? 
Eduardo: What am I suggesting, mother? Margarida tried to kill herself, Teresa is busy with Mister Fitness, Simão .. Simão I will not ... I respect, I respect and I will not talk about. But I do not see you treat them the same way you treat me. 
Laura: Oh, oh, oh, Eduardo ... Don't you understand that these comments just make you look bad? I treat everyone the same way. Equal. Everyone. To you I let you live at home with Andreia and then with Brazilian... And look, it's already done that Vincente will live there at home.
Eduardo: That's great. So we can do gymnastics together in the morning in the garden. I think it's great. I find it fantastic. It's good. 
Laura: Stop these comments, Eduardo. If you are unkind to him, or if you make a less than pleasant comment, I will run you out of the house, okay? 

(Rita and Eduardo are in his bedroom, having spent the night together.)
Rita: I cannot believe I fell asleep. Should have been down there hours ago serving breakfast.
Eduardo: Next time set the alarm clock.
Rita: Yeah, but this story of secretly sleepwalking also has to end. Now it's time for you to make me your girlfriend, right?
Eduardo: Rita ... make you my girlfriend? You know very well what my mom would do to us.
Rita: Don't be a coward. You can be rest assured that your mom will not do anything to me. And if you stay by my side, nothing is gonna happen to you.
Eduardo: Rita, what information do you have you on my mother that makes you so sure about that?
Rita: (gives him a kiss) Nothing!
Eduardo: No, wait a minute, wait a minute. You have to tell me, I have a right to know.
Rita: Look, Eduardo, if I want, if I want, I have your mother, right here, in the palm of my hand.
(Rita leaves, with Eduardo left full of curiosity.)
Rita: Goodbye, Doctor ...

(Teresa returns to work at Boheme and runs into Joana.)
Joana: Hello Teresa, are you better.
Teresa: I'm better, thank you. I'm fine.
Joana: I’m happy to hear that.
Teresa: Thanks.
Eduardo: Teresa?
Teresa: Yes…
Eduardo: Did you see the interview that Sofia gave?
Teresa: No, I didn’t.
Eduardo: Big article in a French magazine. Mom will very much want to know.
Teresa: Let’s go see this.
(And the two go to Laura's office.)
Eduardo: Mom, did you see the site "Après Midi"?
Laura: No, not today. And would you like to explain to me why Rita slept in your room last night.
Eduardo: It didn't happen.
Laura: You can be sure it will not happen again.
Teresa: Look... can I see what Sofia said in that interview? Well ... all she needs is to be on the cover.
Eduardo: Mood is on the cover.
Laura: It's just an interview. That is not what will dictate Sofia's success.
Eduardo: Even so, mother. Many times we tried to get you interviewed by this magazine and had no success.
Teresa: This is a huge opportunity for Mood.
Laura: Success is a very unstable thing ... and if there is one person who knows this, it's Sofia.

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"Sol de Inverno" - Episodes 158 and 159 Translations

(As always, thank you to Dina for the translations!)

(Simão, Nuno and Camila are having dinner with the family at home.)

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Monday, April 7, 2014

"Sol de Inverno" - Episode 157 Translations

(As always, thank you to Dina for the translations!)

Laura is mad about Matilde

(Laura, Margarida and Eduardo are in the living room.) 
Laura: (furious) This is unacceptable. 
Eduardo: You want me to make you a drink, Mom? 

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