Sunday, July 19, 2015

Diogo in SIC's "Festa de Verão" commercial

On Saturday, Diogo will be hosting SIC's annual "Festa de Verão," where the stars from the SIC network come together for a fun party/live TV special to celebrate summer.  SIC aired a commercial for this year's "Festa de Verão" featuring Diogo and his co-host Sofia Cerveira.  It captures the Festa de Verão's theme of "we're all together" with everyone getting to go along for the summer fun, as you can see in the cute commercial posted below, which needs no translation. :)

Festa de Verão commercial

As always, muito obrigada to Dina for sending us the commercial!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Diogo's next project: "Love Finds You in Valentine"

(photo courtesy of UP TV)

Some VERY exciting news!  Diogo has another upcoming project we can look forward to now!  Specifically, it is a TV movie he is currently filming called "Love Finds You in Valentine", based on the hit book by the same name.  UP TV, the cable network who will be airing the movie, announced this awesome news in a press release that tells us more about the movie and the character Diogo will be playing, named "Derek Sterling":

And as it says in that press release and as seen in the above picture, Diogo is in good company in "Love Finds You in Valentine," with acting legends Lindsay Wagner and Ed Asner as his co-stars.  The talented Michaela McManus also stars in the film, which will air on Valentine's Day!  That's February 14, 2016, and it will air exclusively on UP TV.  You can find out if UP is available in your area and what channel it is if so via this link on their website. 

Diogo has also been sharing some pictures on his social media pages while filming "Love Finds You in Valentine" in Ohio. Check out just some of the pictures he has posted:

 (photos courtesy of Diogo Morgado's FB page)

As if the idea of Diogo playing a horse riding cowboy wasn't exciting enough, these awesome pictures make me even more eager to see the movie and to meet "Derek Sterling."  Is it Valentine's Day yet? :)

Congratulations Diogo on another incredible project we can't wait to see!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Diogo at the Globos de Ouro

(image courtesy of SIC)

Diogo recently attended the XX Gala dos Globos de Ouro, Portugal's Golden Globes, where he presented an award with his former "Sol de Inverno" co-star, the AMAZINGLY talented Maria João Luís ("Laura.") Our very own amazingly talented and kind friend Dina, sent us the video of Diogo on the Globos de Ouro.  Including a translation of his and Maria's appearance on the Red Carpet before the awards, which can be found right below the video.

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