Monday, September 22, 2014

Diogo on "Alta Definição"'s 5th Anniversary

SIC's show "Alta Definição" ("High Definition") recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, and they aired a special episode showing highlights from their past episodes and clips of many of their past guests sharing their congratulations.  Diogo, who has been a guest on the show twice since it debuted, sent along his good wishes, and the amazing Dina was kind enough to send us this short but sweet clip.  She also sent us a translation, found right below the video.

Diogo on "Alta Definição" 5th Anniversary Special

(A clip from Diogo's most recent appearance on the show plays.)
DM: I hope my son will say his father... was someone who never stopped questioning.
DM: Congratulations "Alta Definição." Five years, five years bringing to the Portuguese the best of Portugal.
(At the end of each episode, host Daniel Oliveira always asks the guest: "What do your eyes say?"  A clip of Diogo's answer plays.)
DM: I hope that my eyes say what my characters try also to say. The truth.
DM: A big kiss also to all who have watched "Alta Definição" all these years, and I hope will continue to see more. Okay? Congratulations "Alta Definição." We are all together.

A huge parabéns to all involved with "Alta Definição" for an amazing, successful five years! And here's to many more years to come.  If you have not seen Diogo's appearances on "Alta Definição" already, you should definitely check them out.  It is a really well done show, and as you'd expect, Diogo is an incredible guest.  You can see his first appearance on "Alta Definição" from October 2009 here, and you can also see when Diogo returned to "Alta Definição" with his interview that aired this past January here.  To be completely honest, this beautiful interview is without a doubt one of my favorite interviews ever, if not my most favorite, to date.  Watch it and you'll see why.  :)  

Oh and as always, a big, big obrigada to Dina for the videos and translations that make all the posts like this possible!   


Monday, August 11, 2014

Diogo on Cinebox talking about "Virados do Avesso"

(courtesy of A Raquel Karolyi Machado on FB)

Diogo was recently on TVI's show "Cinebox" discussing his upcoming film, "Virados do Avesso" ("Turned Inside Out.")  Once again, the incredible, amazing Dina translated the short be sweet interview for us, found right below the video. 

Diogo on TVI's Cinebox

Voice Over/Host: Diogo Morgado is returning to Portuguese cinema.  “Virados do Avesso” is the film that shot in just three weeks. It was the possible thanks to a  break before returning to the United States, where the actor is filming a science fiction series, which by the way, is very different from this new project.
DM: João is an absolutely normal guy, with his life, his work, and  suddenly wakes up almost in someone else's life, despite it being his own life. Wakes up with his best friend for ten years, in bed, much to his surprise. He (João) asks "Carlos, what is this? We've been friends for ten years..." and he says "Yes, we've been friends for ten years, but boyfriends for five." And he is suddenly shocked. Does not realize what is happening. We only realize later, that he has amnesia and forgot that he was gay.
Voice Over: Behind the camera is Edgar Pêra, an unlikely choice to make a romantic comedy, but only in theory.
Edgar Pêra: You may think that I do not like romantic comedies, but it's a genre that I quite like. What I like in romantic comedies is that they are more than a comedy than a drama, but have the complexity of the two. The idea that someone loses memory of their sexual orientation, for that, it looks like a science fiction movie and then on the other hand, it's an opportunity to challenge the attitudes and roles that people are expecting. The expectations that people have with respect to each other.
Voice Over: Nicolau Breyner is one of the supporting actors, but not only.  He is also behind the scenes as a producer, with a very precise goal.
Nicolau BreynerI think what the Portuguese want is to laugh, which is normal. We are in a time of  crisis. It's a good time to resurrect the Portuguese comedy, to the liking of the Portuguese.
Voice Over: "Virados do Avesso" with Nicolau Breyner, Diogo Morgado, among many others, is scheduled to debut on November 20th.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Diogo talks about “Virados do Avesso”

Diogo recently spoke to a couple of news outlets about "Virados do Avesso" ("Turned Inside Out") -- the comedy feature film he shot last month in Portugal.  Once again, the incredible Dina graciously translated the interviews for us, found right below the respective videos.   

Diogo discusses "Virados do Avesso" on SIC Noticias

Host: It's the return of Diogo Morgado to the Portuguese cinema. The actor will be "turned inside out."
DM: João Salgado [his character in the movie] is an absolutely normal guy, with his life, with his work, and he suddenly wakes up almost having the life of another person. In other words, he wakes up with his best friend in bed. And he is like, "Wait. What are you doing here Carlos?"  We find out later that what happened is that our João had a small stroke that gave him amnesia. So he forgets that he is gay. That's it. A small detail.
Host: What happens to the character who as a writer, also faces a creativity crisis along with the memory loss, is the starting point for the comedy, directed by Edgar Pêra.
Edgar Pera (director): First there is a desire to make people laugh, which I think is achieved. On the other hand I think it also helps us to reflect on our attitude towards the roles that each character represents, what each is waiting for from the other, the prejudices that we have... I think you can laugh about it all.
(They show Diogo filming a scene from the movie.)
Host: The "Virados do Avesso" cast includes such names as Jorge Corrula, Marina Albuquerque, Nuno Melo and Nicolau Breyner. Diogo Morgado, who is filming a series in the United States, came to Portugal for three weeks to shoot the film. 
DM: The Portuguese are very good at doing a lot with very little. And we should be proud of that. So this may be the biggest reason why I accepted this project. I cannot walk around saying for years that we can do it differently, and then when I am called to the forefront, not be present.
Host: The shooting of the film is in its final phase. "Virados do Avesso" comes to Portuguese theaters on November 20th. 

Diogo discusses "Virados do Avesso" on RTP

Host: After gaining fame and worldwide recognition for playing the role of Jesus in "Son of God," and being christened "Hot Jesus" by American host Oprah Winfrey, Diogo Morgado plays now, in this film, a homosexual going through an identity crisis. 
DM: João Salgado [the character he plays] is an absolutely normal guy who suddenly wakes up almost as another person. In other words, he wakes up, literally, with his best friend lying next to him in his bed. And he thinks "What is this? Uau Carlos, what are you doing here? I'm your friend for 10 years. What is this?" And he says, " You are my friend for 10 years but my boyfriend for 5"... 
Host: A romantic comedy with a gay scenario, but with everything toying with preconceived notions.
DM: [We] play with the stereotypes that we know, that macho thing where he talks like [he uses a deep voice], walking around with the gold necklace around his neck, with his chest open, and for being gay, that which is "very gay." Playing with these stereotypes. 
Host: Diogo Morgado, or rather João, then goes to the doctor to see what happens. 
[Scene from movie] Doctor (Nicolau Breyner): You just forgot that you're gay. In the background is this. But the rest is all perfectly normal, so .... 
Nicolau Breyner (actor): I have a very small role, which is a doctor who gives an opinion on a disease of one of the characters. 
Host: The director wanted to make this story of prejudices, with laughs and a reflection on the present. 
Edgar Pêra (director): The important thing here is to laugh, and to reflect a bit on what are the roles of society. What it is to be a man, what it's like being a woman. 
Host: The entire film will be shot in 3 weeks. Diogo Morgado came here to do this from the United States, where he is filming an American series, because he believes in Portuguese cinema. 
DM: It gave me special pleasure to come back, because I feel that we are moving towards a step we should have taken awhile ago in Portuguese cinema. And I believe this is the way. 
Host: "Virados do Avesso" premieres on November 20th. 

Thanks to Dina again for the videos and translations.  

And! Thanks to the “Virados do Avesso” Facebook page, we have a short but sweet look at a scene from the upcoming film, which trust me, needs no translation.  :)

(courtesy of "Virados do Avesso" Facebook Page)

Once again for you lucky fans in Portugal, "Virados do Avesso" opens in theaters there on November 20th.