Monday, July 28, 2014

Diogo at Festa de Verão da SIC/Caras

This past weekend, Diogo attended Festa de Verão da SIC/Caras, which is the annual summer party held by SIC network and this year their sister network, SIC Caras.  The party is no longer a televised special, but was held at a nightclub called Seven in Vilamoura, Algarve, with many of the network's stars in attendance.  Our awesome friend/heroine Dina was kind enough to send us video of Diogo being interviewed on the Red Carpet for Festa de Verão, along with video of Diogo on the news talking about meeting fans along the red carpet.  She also sent us translations, found right below each video.  As always, obrigada Dina!   

Diogo at Festa de Verão da SIC

(First Diogo arrives at the party, by car, with his "Sol de Inverno" co-star, Cláudia Vieira.  Claudia has some difficulty in getting out of the car because her shoe gets stuck.  Both start to say hello to the fans along the red carpet.  Next, we can barely see Diogo running away from the red carpet, saying sorry to the fans that are calling him, because he can't stop. He has to go upstairs, to talk with Daniel Oliveira and his wife Andreia Rodrigues. Then in the video, Diogo is talking with them.)
Andreia Rodrigues (AR): You were a hit on the red carpet, but up here you continue to make an impression. Downstairs they all scream for you...
DM: Up here we have an insider's view, right? We can say goodbye to everyone, we can send kisses...
AR: Jesus... You're really a sexy-symbol...
DM: Oh, oh ... I'm nothing ... I'm nothing ... don't even know what you guys are talking about....
Daniel Oliveira (DO): Los Angeles, New York, Vilamoura (Algarve)... here you are, for now…
DM: Yes, [was in] Lisbon not even 2 hours ago...
AR: You're everywhere.
DM: Yes, we can say that I'm a little bit everywhere. That's true, that's true. But I couldn't fail to be here. It's a celebration of SIC, is an opportunity to visit you again, I missed it, I miss ... And it's a beautiful party, so why not?
DO: How do you manage handling it all with so many professional commitments?
DM: It's like pulling rabbits out of a magician's hat, as Luis de Matos (the Portuguese magician) [would say] ... it takes managing... must be managed ...
AR: Omnipotent, omnipresent ...
DO: You make it a point to keep that bond with Portugal?
DM: Bond to Portugal? No doubt. I'm Portuguese, I'm the proudest of my roots, and whatever else I can do for my country, I will always be in the forefront, no doubt.
DO: Look, and your style (clothes he is wearing)...
DM: My style? Don't embarrass me. Don't embarrass me. It's the style that was possible, okay? It's the style I can do to not be embarrassed, okay?
AR: Would you model? Do you want to take a little walk here? Do you?
DM: No. .. it's you who's good at that. Each person has their place.
AR: Thank you. Have fun.
DM: Thank you. A kiss. Enjoy it and until later.

Diogo talks about Festa de Verão

Diogo: (talking about greeting fans on the red carpet) It's a unique opportunity that we have, to be able to show people care and to reciprocate the affection to people. There is nothing more genuine than this. We go down the street and people are calling our names, and we see a smile on their faces. We should feel privileged by that. I felt so privileged.​

We're equally privileged, Diogo!  :)  

Hope everyone is having a great summer!   


Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Throwback Thursday" -- Diogo and Dreambooks

Okay, it's been WAY too long since we've had a new post here!  And while I don't actually have anything "new" to post, in honor of it being Throwback Thursday today, I thought I'd post some pictures of Diogo in an ad campaign for Dreambooks, a Portuguese digital photo book company he has been a spokesperson for since 2009.   In fact, he even did an awesome ad campaign for Dreambooks this past Christmas.  

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Diogo talks about the end of "Eduardo"

Now that poor "Eduardo" has met his demise on "Sol de Inverno," Diogo recently shared some thoughts on the character coming to an end with SIC Online. Awesome Dina was kind enough to translate his words for us, found right below the video.  

Diogo talks about "Eduardo"

Diogo: What will happen here... (laughs.) I'm kidding... Basically, what will happen here today is the end of Eduardo, as we know him…  So, after a very troubled relationship with his mother, Laura, Eduardo goes a little bit to the extreme, here, and decides to meet with his mother in this abandoned building and tell her what he has already told her, but in a more decisive way, which is, basically, is whatever he feels. He thinks that the way he has always been treated by his mother justifies all the actions he has taken ever since. They end up becoming physically violent. Their discussion is taken to the extreme and ends with the death of Eduardo.  Curiously, it also happens to be my last day of shooting. It was a curious coincidence, a surprise for me because it turns out the farewell of the character, is the farewell to the team, is the farewell tothe project, a project that I loved doing.  Loved giving life to "Eduardo." I think there are many "Eduardo's" out there, although we may think not....  I think he couldn’t have had any other end, right? Eduardo is like chewing gum on the shoe, that when stuck, is difficult to remove. He would always be a character that would never have peace. He dies with the frustration of never having received the satisfaction of pleasing her. And finishes like he started, right? With this great frustration.  There are people who are in fact immensely frustrated and end up living their lives exhibiting this frustration. And I think that Eduardo, is basically that, and the result of lacking, and poor learning.  There are people like that. So I think it was a beautiful portrait, thank God, of a minority in our society, but that is there, and deserve to be recognized...  I hope you guys, on that side (other side of the camera), continue to follow "Sol de Inverno," and follow SIC Online, to maybe also learn of other things I might be doing outside of the series.  Stay on that side, that's the most important.

Gotta admit, I kinda miss "Eduardo" already.  :)