Friday, November 21, 2014

Update on the fake "raffle" - Please be aware

Quick update: Diogo himself has now confirmed on Twitter that he is NOT involved with the fake "raffle"/person advertising the fake raffle online in ANY way:

So again, please ignore and report any posts you see from this person about this raffle, or any kind of raffle/contest with Diogo.  We all know how much Diogo cares about us fans, and I am sure he is so upset to think a fan could be misled, disapointed or taken advantage of because of this!  So please ignore and report, and hopefully we can make this go away completely. Thank you.  

And again, just a reminder, Diogo does have the following official/verified social media pages, where as you can see from this update, he is really good about keeping us fans in the loop:


Sadly, because of Diogo's "celebrity" and his being known more and more, there are a lot of impostors out there, so If you come across any other page/account claiming to be Diogo, please know they are NOT Diogo, and please feel free to report/block them.

As always, thank you,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Virados do Avesso" premiere on "Fama Show"

(photo courtesy of

"Virados do Avesso," Diogo's upcoming Portuguese comedy, had its red carpet premiere last week. And even though Diogo is in the US filming his upcoming CW series, "The Messengers," thanks to technology and his "Virados" co-star, Jorge Corrula, Diogo was still able to be "on" the red carpet for the big event.  Dina was kind enough to send us a clip from "Fama Show" about the premiere of "Virados do Avesso," and you can find the translation of Diogo's "appearance" on the red carpet right below the video.  (Note: Diogo's part is at the 1:16 mark.)

"Virados do Avesso" premiere on FAMA SHOW

JORGE CORRULA: (at the 1:16 mark -- holding an iPad with Diogo live on a video call) I have seen absolutely nothing. Just saw the trailer that everyone saw. I hope, above all, it will be a huge success and brings more people to the theaters to see Portuguese films.
CLIP FROM "VIRADOS DO AVESSO": João (Diogo) is freaked out because he woke up with his friend Carlos (Jorge) laying next to him in bed. JOÃO: You’re in my bed ???? I can’t talk to you like this (naked.)  CARLOS: Yeah ... I already got dressed (he's wearing underwear.)
DIOGO: (on the iPad) It was 3 very intense weeks, but with Jorge Corrula, everything went much smoother. Obviously, the chemistry is undeniable.
CLIP FROM "VIRADOS DO AVESSO": João says: “Gay? Who’s gay? Me?” and laughs.

And in typical busy Diogo fashion, "Virados do Avesso" was not the only premiere he attended recently!  This past weekend, he was in St. Louis to attend the US film festival premiere of "Red Butterfly" at the St. Louis International Film Festival, along side some of his co-stars from the film, as well as the movie's writer-director, Jon Alston.

Diogo and his many projects are hard to keep up with for sure, so if you aren't already, make sure to go follow the "Virados do Avesso" Official Facebook Page for all the latest updates on the film, which opens in theaters in Portugal on November 27th.  And for the latest updates on when we will be able to see "Red Butterfly," make sure to follow them on Twitter at @RedButterflyMov and at the Red Butterfly Movie Official Facebook Page.  And as always, I will do my best to keep us all posted, too!  :)


Monday, November 17, 2014

Diogo on "Só Visto!" discussing "Virados do Avesso"

RTP's "Só Visto!" went behind the scenes with Diogo and his co-stars when they were shooting their upcoming film, "Virados do Avesso" ("Turned Inside Out.")  Our amazing Dina sent us the video of this fun interview, along with a translation, found right below the clip.

Diogo on "Só Visto!" discussing "Virados do...

ADRIANE GARCIA (Host): A Portuguese comedy that promises to be the comedy of the year. "Virados do Avesso" has a star cast, Edgar Pera directing and even a super special appearance by Anselmo Ralph.
DIOGO MORGADO: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This is my ice cream! You know that every time I'm near you, look, I keep sweating (he wipes his forehead with a tissue) and I need an ice cream to stay cool.
DIOGO MORGADO: It's a great, light comedy... it's the story of a guy who suddenly wakes up almost in another life. Doesn't recognize himself because he's had a stroke, and part of his memory is gone, including the part that he's gay.
NICOLAU BREYNER (actor and producer): It is a very funny comedy, with a group of notable actors, and Edgar Pêra directing.
EDGAR PÊRA (director): The story is very interesting, because it challenges our attitudes and prejudices, the idea that a person can lose their memory of their sexual orientation.
ADRIANE GARCIA: He's more international than ever, this Anselmo. We can say since he acts with Hot Jesus, now there is Hot Anselmo.
(Anselmo laughs.)
DIOGO MORGADO: In one scene "João" (Diogo's character in the film) tries to show his friends how "macho" he is. Only he, poor fellow, doesn't know how to be macho. So look, check out the outfit: look at the boots. This is the idea that João has of what macho must be. Look at the belt. I look like I came from Brokeback Mountain.
ADRIANE GARCIA: How is to act with our Hot Jesus?
ANSELMO RALPH (who's a very famous Portuguese singer): Look, the guy is, in a good way, damn silly. (laughing) How does a guy go from playing Jesus to a fool?
ADRIANE GARCIA: It’s a sign that he’s really a great actor. And just as he has been so cherished here, he is everywhere.
ADRIANE GARCIA: Can I touch you, or not?  (One of Anselmo's famous songs is called "Don't Touch me.")
ANSELMO RALPH: No, don’t touch me.
ADRIANE GARCIA: Just a little...
ANSELMO RALPH: No, I just said no, don’t touch me.
DIOGO MORGADO: Put the song "Don't Touch Me" on, and it's the perfect excuse for everyone to stay with no clothes on, in their underwear.
ADRIANE GARCIA: Diogo, invite everyone to see the movie.
DIOGO MORGADO: Guys, “Virados do Avesso”.... a spectacular cast, a fun and entertaining comedy. Do not miss it.
CLIP FROM "VIRADOS DO AVESSO": João (Diogo) says to his friends: "This is just what I needed. A night out with booze and babes. BABES."

As always, another big thank you/obrigada to Dina for the video and translation!  

Make sure to follow the "Virados do Avesso" Official Facebook Page for all the latest updates on the film, which opens in theaters in Portugal on November 27th.  And I, for one, have already begun the prayer circle that we'll get to see the film here in the U.S. with English subtitles! :)