Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Throwback Thursday" -- by guest poster, Domique

(Note from Sara: Today's "Throwback Thursday" post comes from our friend Domique, aka @hazeleyez79_DRW, so please show her some love over on Twitter or in the comments section here.  Thanks, Sara)

(Image courtesy of A Parideira's Facebook Page)

Hello everyone.  It’s Domique (@hazeleyez79_DRW on twitter) again.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day today.  Today Sara has afforded me the pleasure of presenting “Throwback Thursday” on the blog.   

Today, I throwback to 2011.  Specifically to: "A Parideira" ("The Breeder") is a 20-minute Portuguese short film by José Miguel Moreira starring Diogo, Ana Moreira, and José Pinto.   This film is about the journey of a young couple and their inability to conceive.  Filmed in Portugal, it was released in March of 2011. 

As the story goes, there is a miraculous cave called the Breeder (a Parideira).  The cave, which is guarded by a mysterious old pastor (José Pinto), is located somewhere on top of a mountain range.  Legend has it that if an infertile woman enters the cave, she will leave the cave already pregnant.  However, the downside to this is that, in order for such a miracle to happen, one person has to stay back and sacrifice their life in the cave that same night.   

Margarida (Ana Moreira) and her husband, Tiago (Diogo), are a young couple who have been trying to get pregnant without success.  On the brink of hopelessness, this yearning motivates Margarida to return to her roots with her husband and as a last alternative, enter this cave to try to get pregnant.  Unbeknownst to the couple, the pastor has a sinister plan in store for them. 

Below is the trailer for "A Parideira."

video courtesy of Vasco Josué/YouTube)

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Diogo in "TV Mais"

Brief article about Diogo today in "TV Mais" ("More TV") magazine (with a translation below):

(article courtesy of TV Mais/SAPO)

Diogo Morgado: "I will not leave Portugal"

The actor who gave live to Jesus in the series "The Bible" has new projects abroad but does not want to emigrate.

Easter 2013 will be remembered by Diogo Morgado, 33, and the Portuguese, because it was when the American series aired in which the artist gave life to Christ. "Was a unique experience," said the actor who became known in the United States as "Hot Jesus." "I was very well received by critics and by the Americans," he said.

About two weeks in Portugal, after three months of promoting the series in America, Diogo Morgado already started filming the SIC series' "Ambição," but may not stay until the end. "I offered, and, if all goes well, I will do.  SIC has supported me in this," he said.

Emigrating is not, however, an option. "I will not leave Portugal. I can go abroad just to work."  For this American adventure, Diogo took his son and wife. "My family will always be with me. I am a full time father. "

Just FYI, Diogo is actually 32, not 33.  :)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picture this...

Today's "Clip of the Day" is actually going to be several "Pictures of the Day."  Hope that's okay!  :)

Obviously, many of us here only started following Diogo on his Facebook page after we saw him in "The Bible," but he has been active on social media for some time prior to that.  So, I thought it might be cool to take a look at some of the pictures he shared with fans over the past year or so, when he was "known there" in Portugal, but not to us just yet.  :)  For our lovely friends in Portugal, I thought it might be nice for you to take a look back at the photos, or just in case you missed them.

Speaking of, let's start with some pictures he posted about "The Bible" you may have missed.  Like this one he shared on Facebook, saying "On the set of The Bible Series."

(photo courtesy of Diogo Morgado on Facebook) 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Diogo and Darwin in Sintra, Portugal

Our favorite dynamic duo spent the day in Sintra, Portugal, and both Diogo and Darwin Shaw tweeted pictures of this gorgeous village.  I wanted to share their pictures of beautiful Sintra with those of you not on Twitter.

First Diogo tweeted this picture, saying: "Adivinhem onde estou?" ("Guess where I am?")

A few hours later (and after several fans had guessed correctly), Diogo tweeted the below photo, saying: "Muito bem. Very good who said "Palacio da Pena" and "Castelo dos Mouros" in Sintra - Portugal. Love it."

(photos courtesy of Diogo Morgado on Twitter)

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Interview with a Vampire - Clips of the Day

Interview with Diogo about playing a vampire, that is. :)  

Today's "Clips of the Day" come from 2010... when Diogo had a cameo role on SIC's vampire series, "Lua Vermelha" ("Red Moon"), as"Artur," a fearsome vampire who returns for revenge.

(photo courtesy of SIC)

Below are two interviews Diogo gave in 2010 about playing a vampire/Artur, followed by translations of the interviews, thanks to the incredible Liliana.

(clip from SIC's "E-Especial" courtesy of FicaaSaber/YouTube)

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Diogo on Radio Latina Luxembourg

(Diogo with announcer Paula Faria of Radio Latina - Luxembourg)

Diogo sat down to chat with Radio Latina during his recent trip to Luxembourg.

(photo courtesy of Radio Latina Luxembourg)

The wonderful Liliana translated a few snippets of cool things Diogo said in the interview, which you can find right below the link to the entire interview:

Click here to listen to Diogo on Radio Latina Luxembourg

Of his role in "The Bible" --
"I don't know if “The Bible” is the most important role I ever did as an actor, but it was the biggest role I did considering what I felt by doing it."

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Diogo and Darwin Interviewed on the Red Carpet

(image courtesy of SIC)

New video of Diogo and Darwin at Portugal's Golden Globes can be found via the link from Sapo posted below.  Specifically, check it out at around the 7:46 mark to see Diogo and Darwin being interviewed on the Golden Globes' Red Carpet.... and find a translation of the interview below the link, thanks to Liliana (who I am so happy is back!) 

Click here (and go to 7:46) to see Diogo and Darwin's Interview on the Red Carpet 

Ricardo Pereira: This is pure joy…  We have to congratulate Diogo Morgado!!
Diogo: Ohhh not just me, but also Darwin Shaw!
Ricardo Pereira: Introduce us to your friend!
Diogo: For those who saw “The Bible,” Darwin was my mate, Jesus' mate, Peter. I think you all remember him.  It was an amazing series, I’m thankful for all who saw it… So sorry about my voice! 
Ricardo Pereira: It was for Benfica I am sure! (Note: There was a big football game that night, the two biggest teams in Portugal -- Benfica and Porto.)
Diogo Morgado: Uhhhh let’s not talk about that Ricardo! Let’s not talk about that! I am really so happy  about being back…
Sofia Cerveira: Diogo… there’s no red carpet like this one, right?
Diogo: No there’s not! This is the party of the year! This is where people feel happy showing their work, that is done in our country. And I could never miss it! I never have! I am very happy to be here with you guys, especially my friends!  (Note: the other two people with Diogo and Darwin were Diogo's co-stars in "Laços de Sangue.")

I know I sound like a broken record, but I love seeing Diogo and Darwin together on TV.  The obvious, genuine respect between them as actors AND friends is so darn refreshing and awesome.

In case you missed it, check out even more of Diogo and Darwin at Portugal's Golden Globes -- including Diogo presenting an award, and a funny clip of Diogo and Darwin in the audience.

Obrigada Liliana, as always, for the translation.  And have a great weekend, everybody!



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pictures of Diogo filming "Ambição" thanks to Darwin Shaw

The ever amazing Darwin Shaw tweeted pictures of Diogo filming "Ambição" today!  

First Darwin tweeted: "On set watching @D_Morgado doing his stuff in Lisbon."   After fans tweeted Darwin back asking for pictures, he tweeted "Ok everybody here you go! Rehearsal."

Then "Behind the magic" --


"Action" --

(all photos courtesy of @DarwinShaw)

Thank you, Darwin for all of these awesome photos!

I have to say, I think their's is one of my favorite bromance ever.  Someone needs to write a buddy film for these two, stat. 

Oh and if you aren't already, you really should follow Darwin on Twitter at @DarwinShaw and on his official Facebook page.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Diogo's doing a Q&A via the blog!

(photo courtesy of

As some of you may have read on his Twitter page, Diogo will be doing a Q&A via the blog as a thank you to all of us fans!  How awesome is that?!?  For those of you not on Twitter, he said of the Q&A: "I'm looking forward to. Thank U so much to you All."  Um no, Diogo......

I have compiled all the questions I received from you guys, and have sent them on to Diogo.  He will answer as many as he has can, when he can... then I will post his answers here on the blog on his behalf.  So it's kind of like a #dmchat/live chat on Twitter, but Diogo can answer as his schedule/time allows, and we don't have the 140 character limit. :)

I know you all know this already, and this is me, Sara, speaking here... but Diogo is pretty darn amazing for doing this Q & A.... especially since he is currently busy filming the upcoming series "Ambição" in Portugal.  So please keep in mind, it's just simply not possible for him to answer every question.  But, any answers allow us all to get to know Diogo better.   

And one last request from me please... because Diogo does have so much going on, and because we are the best fans ever, hee, please let's give him as much time he needs in answering the questions.  I will keep you posted as best I can, but please let's be patient and not bother Diogo on Twitter or Facebook about getting his answers.... I am sure they will be worth the wait. :)  Seriously, thank you for your understanding and patience.  You all rock!

And Diogo, you rock most of all!  We SO appreciate your doing this for us!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Video of Diogo and Darwin from Portugal's Golden Globes

(photo courtesy of Darwin Shaw on Twitter)

Set up info for the above video clip with the help of Lou da Gama:

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GQ Men of the Year Awards: The Video

 (Diogo, Dsquared (Brand Fashion Icon), and Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio courtesy of Mulher Sapo)

Vogue Portugal posted the video below of the "GQ Men of the Year 2013 Awards," where Diogo was named Portugal's first GQ Man of the Year. 

In the video Diogo says, "I feel profoundly proud, and more, I think that events like this by GQ show that Portugal is a little more than what Portugal thinks of itself."  

(Thanks to Lou da Gama for the translation.)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Diogo wins Portugal's "GQ Man of the Year" Award!

(image courtesy of

On Saturday night, the "GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013" were held for the FIRST time in Portugal at the Cidadela de Cascais.  These international awards honor men in fourteen different categories for their distinguished achievements of the past year. The GQ Men of the Year Awards have been given out in other countries this year and in past years, but this was their debut year in Portugal.... and guess who is the very first "GQ Man of the Year" in Portugal?  Diogo Morgado, of course! 

(photo courtesy of Vogue Portugal)

(Diogo and José Santana, director of GQ Portugal.
photo courtesy of GQ Portugal/Facebook)

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diogo presenting at Portugal's Golden Globes

(photo courtesy of

Tonight, Diogo attended the "XVIII Gala dos Globos de Ouro," Portugal's Golden Globe Awards, where he and his "Laços de Sangue" co-star, Joana Santos, presented the award for "Best Actress in a Film."

You can click on the link below to see a clip of Diogo and Joana presenting, courtesy of SIC.  Our amazing friend Lou da Gama was VERY kind in quickly translating this for us, which you can find below the link.

Diogo and Joana present at Portugal's Golden Globe Awards

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diogo in "High Definition" (2009)

Today's "Clip of the Day" comes from October 2009, when Diogo was on the SIC network entertainment program, "Alta Definição" ("High Definition.")  According to the "Alta Definição"website, the weekly show, which is conducted by Daniel Oliveira, is "an intimate approach to a central guest. Filmed in High Definition, at a special location chosen by the interviewee, each episode is intended as a biographical portrait of the guest, who is challenged to appear without makeup, in their purest essence."

Diogo's appearance on "Alta Definição" is posted in two parts/videos below.  Awesome Portuguese fan and friend Sara Ferreira was kind enough to translate both parts for us, which you can find below each clip.  Oh and one quick note about this interview -- please keep in mind as you watch it that this is from 2009, right when Diogo was cast as "Joseph" in an American movie called "Mary Mother of Christ," which would have been his American debut, and was also supposed to star Al Pacino and Peter O'Toole.  However, due to various circumstances and changes that occurred before filming even could begin, "Mary Mother of Christ" never happened, and as of now, the movie's future (if any) is still uncertain.  But, as many of you know, Diogo's being cast in "Mary, Mother of Christ" actually played a pivotal part in Diogo getting the role as "Jesus" in "The Bible."  Reminding me, I have to say, that everything happens for a reason -- just not always in the way or the time we are expecting.  

(clip courtesy of Anamatos25/Diogo Morgado fãs/YouTube)

"Daniel Oliveira/Interviewer (I) - Our guest recently became a father and will make a Hollywood movie. His name is...
Diogo (D) - Diogo Morgado and I'm 28 years old. Today I am without "makeup" in High Definition.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Diogo on "Malucos do Riso" (2007)

Recent posts/clips of Diogo's past work, like the interview/"skit" with Nilton and the play he did, "Acredita, Estou Possuído” have had many of us commenting on how good Diogo is at comedy.  Sure, we all know from "The Bible" and the SIC novels we have seen clips of that Diogo is an extremely talented dramatic actor.  But I know I personally was equally impressed by his knack for comedic timing and physical comedy after seeing him in things like "VIP Manicure," and I was curious to see more of this "side" of Diogo's talent.

To that end, today's Clip of the Day comes from Diogo's appearance on "Malucos do Riso" ("Crazy Laugh(ter)") in 2007.  "Malucos do Riso" is the longest running comedy series on SIC, where it began airing in 1995.  According to Wikipedia (via Google translate,) "Malucos do Riso" is "a show of popular anecdotes concerning traditional characters and stereotypes -- blondes, the grocery store, and many others. Laughter, jokes and willingness for everyone!"  So to me, it sounds like "Malucos do Riso" is what we in the US call a "sketch comedy series," along the lines of "Mad TV" or "Saturday Night Live."

In this clip of Diogo on "Malucos do Riso" from 2007, you can see him as several characters -- all very different.  From an obedient young man going to ask his boss for permission to marry his daughter, to a "playboy" talking to his friend about girls, to a doctor, to a straight-A student in elementary school.

(clip courtesy of FicaaSaber/YouTube)

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Throwback Thursday" -- by guest blog contributor, Celena!

(Note from Sara: Today's "Throwback Thursday" post comes from guest blog contributor and dear friend Celena aka @Celena229 again, so please show her some love over on Twitter or in the comments section here.  Thanks, Sara)

Hello, Diogo Morgado fans! It’s Celena (@Celena229) and I am back with my second “Throwback Thursday” post! 

I am excited to share with you a movie from 2012 called “A Teia de Gelo" (“The Ice Web.”) Diogo plays "Jorge," an ambitious young man, who attempts to get rich quickly by embezzling company money into his personal bank account. He is discovered by the head honcho who threatens him if the money is not returned in 24 hours. Knowing that his life is in danger, Jorge flees but gets into a car accident on a snowy mountain. Cold and lost, Jorge stumbles upon an old house and is hopeful that he is finally saved. He meets several women who live in the house and soon discovers that the house has no telephones, doors lock by themselves, mysterious corpses and shadows appear and uninvited visitors come to his room. 

Will he escape the mysterious house? Will he return the money in time? Great questions, huh? I now must see this movie to find out – and I’m sure you will feel the same way after viewing the trailer with translation by our amazing Liliana (@MsLiliana)! 

(Trailer courtesy of Cinemate2012/YouTube)

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diogo on "5 Para A Meia-Noite" in 2011

Today's "Clip of the Day" comes from "5 Para A Meia-Noite" ("5 to Midnight") -- a late-night talk show that airs nightly on network RTP, with a different host each night. 

On this particular visit Diogo made to "5 Para A Meia-Noite" in August of 2011, the host was Nilton -- a humorist, writer, and actor -- and judging from some of their tweets, Nilton is also someone Diogo respects and likes quite a bit. :)

Keep that in mind as you watch this rather "tongue in cheek" uh, "interview."  Which, by the way, the ever awesome Lou da Gama kindly translated for us, and can be found right below the clip.

(video courtesy of RTP/YouTube)

"Nilton: It all comes down to two words. Ladies and gentlemen, with great honor… Diogo Morgado!

(Loud clapping)

Nilton: Are you going to enter again to see if it has the same impact?

Diogo: Yes.

(Louder clapping)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

NEW Interview with Diogo from Luxembourg

Diogo was in Luxembourg this past weekend, where he attended a dinner at the invitation of the owner of Brasserie Chez Ana Paula in Rollingergrund.  Also at the dinner was director Ruben Alves whose latest film, "La Cage Dorée" ("The Golden Cage") was screened in Luxembourg on Saturday.  Diogo attended the screening, tweeting a picture from it, and calling "La Cage Dorée," a "beautiful and unique movie of Ruben Alves. Outstanding!!! Grande filme." (You can see the trailer for "La Cage Dorée" here.)

Also while in Luxembourg, Diogo sat down to chat with BOMDIA Luxemburgo, and you can see his interview below, followed by a translation from @Msliliana:

(video courtesy of BOMDIA Luxemburgo/YouTube)

"Diogo Morgado: Empathy for the immigrants it’s huge.....

Question: How did the opportunity to make “The Bible” come about?

Diogo Morgado: Funny, because the first question that people ask me in Portugal is that one –- how did that opportunity come out?  And I say, like any other else in the acting world -- there was casting and they made a natural selection. I think people in Portugal are not so used to the American format. American Culture has its own characteristics, obviously has its flaws, but also many good things, has virtues that should be copied, like this project. Americans are not so interested about your background, or where do you come from. Since you are the one for the part, they will hire you. It’s funny, because Americans never ask me that! Portuguese always do!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Diogo on "Entre Nós" -- Part Two

As promised, here is Part Two/the conclusion of Diogo's interview from the SIC Mulher show "Entre Nós" ("Between Us") that aired on Friday, November 30, 2012.  Thanks again to the incredible @MsLiliana for translating all of this for us, which can be found below the clip.  Enjoy.

"Adelaide de Sousa/AS: Welcome back. We are with Diogo Morgado, one of the most successful Portuguese actors, who filmed recently in Los Angeles the sequel to “Born to Race.” But we will talk about that soon… I want to talk to you about theatre… You début in theatre with “Geração Out”…
DM: Yes, I débuted at Teatro Maria Matos, by the hand of Almeno Gonçalves. 
AS: That first impact with live theatre, I saw at the Biography Channel… it was agonizing for you….
DM: It was like… you’re at the back, just waiting to go on scene and you think, “I am not going to make it, it’s impossible for me to go in there…” There is nothing like that.  
AS: At Teatro Maria Matos, right?
DM: Maria Matos… a small theatre (sneering), and you just panic! Just a baby boy, 15 years old… not sure of anything… just jump there like a crazy, trust your instinct, and that’s how it was! Then… I did a piece of children's theater “A Canção dos Oceanos” in which I did a stuttering dolphin! And I can tell you that, doing that character for the first time I thought: “I want to be an actor”. It was like, “I think I am going to try this.” Because it had nothing to do with fame, I was doing a stuttering dolphin in auditoriums around the country, and in the end kids came to us and if I gave an autograph signed “Diogo” they said: “No… Dolphin! Who is Diogo?” and I said, “Ohh sorry…” and write Dolphin… That felt good, the kids laughing every time I s-s said a stutt- stuttered wo-word and I thought: man… I did this, I made this reaction…

(photo courtesy of

AS: It gave you that pleasure of creation, you did something and the reaction was right there. 
DM: An honest, sincere and genuine response, from the kids! 
AS: Ricardo Pereira was here last week and he said the same… play for kids is most challenging work.  Who makes a research about you does not find just good things… 
DM: I believe so.

(Click the "Read More" link below to read the rest....)

First Glimpse of Diogo as "Eduardo" in "Ambição"

Today, SIC TV's E-Especial showed an interview they did with Diogo between his camera tests  for the new SIC novel, "Ambição" ("Ambition") -- giving audiences a first look of Diogo as "Eduardo" in the upcoming series.  

(screen capture courtesy of MsLiliana thanks to E-Especial/SIC)

Our friend MsLiliana was kind enough to grab the above screen cap of it for us, so that we could see a first glimpse, too.  And it looks like Diogo may be wearing colored contacts for "Eduardo."  :)

Obrigada yet again to MsLiliana for sending this my way.

If you want to see even more new pictures of Diogo, take a look at some pictures from an event he attended last night in Luxembourg, courtesy of

Even more pictures on Diogofanfriends Facebook Page.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Diogo Morgado -- "Entre Nós"

One of my main goals in doing this blog is for you and I to get to know Diogo better.  To that end, today and tomorrow's "Clips of the Day" are from a great, in-depth, and lengthy interview with Diogo from the SIC Mulher show "Entre Nós" ("Between Us") that aired on Friday, November 30, 2012.

After doing this interview, Diogo tweeted "Just got out of the studio where I talked with the sweet Adelaide de Sousa for the program "Entre nós."  It was a good, honest conversation, talking about things that I normally do not speak about. I hope you like it." (via Google Translate.)

I'm pretty sure you'll like it. :)  Especially thanks to our Portuguese heroine, @MsLiliana, who translated the ENTIRE interview for us.  The interview is nearly an HOUR long, so I am posting it in two parts.  Here is part one of Diogo on "Entre nós," with Liliana's translation provided right below the clip.

(clip courtesy of Anamatos25/Diogo Morgado fãs/YouTube)

"Adelaide de Sousa/AS: Hello. Welcome to Entre Nós. Our guest today is a young boy who just entered his thirties, but has a very full life with achievements that most only dream of. He practiced sports, was a model, became an actor, and in the chain of all these events … that he reached the aspired world of Hollywood. He says: It had to be… it was supposed to… but I am sure that he has done his part in all of this! And it is of that part that we are also going to talk about on this show, with Diogo Morgado.
Hello, Diogo… So! Welcome!
Diogo Morgado /DM: With an introduction like this… well there is not so much else to say…
AS: Ends like this then?
DM: Ends like this! It was a pleasure! Many thanks, I liked it a lot! There’s a cold in my stomach… like butterflies… I liked, it was nice, now I take my microphone…
AS: Wait! Wait a bit… Let us start to talk about… I know you were born in Lisbon? Or in Margem Sul (south bank)?
DM: I was born in Lisbon, at Stª Maria Hospital, in 1981, so…
AS: 31 years old! Almost 32.
DM: Almost 32… don’t talk about it!
AS: What an exaggeration… 
DM: No it’s that thing… that kind of charm talk you know… I think… Nowadays we live until 100… if you can, right?
AS: Or if you have some bad luck right? 
DM: That was a good one! I’ll take that for now!
AS: Let’s talk about happy things instead… Alentejo has for you big importance, because, I guess you have nice childhood memories…  You have a younger brother?
DM: Yes a younger brother, 6 years younger, Pedro – little kiss for Pedro.
AS: Pedro writes? He is a writer?
DM: Yes, Pedro, my brother, he as a degree in cardio pulmonology, he works in a pharmaceutical enterprise, but one of his great passions is writing.  He was always pretty good at that. He wrote a romance called “Instantes Inqueitos” (“Restless Moments.) I may be biased, but it’s a very interesting book, especially coming from a young man… talks about what haunts us, nowadays. He has all the qualities to be a great author.

(image courtesy of

(Click the "Read More" link below to read the rest....)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Throwback Thursday" -- by Guest Contributor, Liliana

(Note from Sara: Today's "Throwback Thursday" post comes from guest blog contributor and dear friend Liliana aka @MsLiliana again, so please show her some love over on Twitter or in the comments section here.  Thanks, Sara)

Hi Diogo Morgado Fans! Liliana (MsLiliana) here!  Back again as promised last week with another "Throwback Thursday" post.... where Diogo plays another gay character... with a twist.

(image courtesy of Facebook)

"Acredita, estou possuído” ("Believe me, I am possessed") is a a play written by Brazilian Ronaldo Ciambroni, and staged by Almeno Gonçalves, that Diogo did in Portugal in 2005/2006. In the play, Diogo played the character of "Jorge."

"Acredita, estou possuído” is a typical comedy of errors, where an initial misconception generates a snowball effect, and widespread confusion entails!

Here, a gay man, who earns a living as a transvestite named "Zé" dies in a traffic accident, but decides not to go to heaven. Instead, he decides to stay on Earth to annoy those who are still here ... And as a ghost, he sees and falls in love with "Luis," a handsome young man who's not very sure of his sexuality, and has just broken up with his girlfriend.  Luis is living with "Jorge" (Diogo), the macho, handsome boyfriend of Luis' sister, Susana.  Not content to remain just a ghost with a crush, Zé decides to possess/"take over" Jorge's body to try to win Luis' love.  And that's where the laughs begin!

(videos courtesy of FicaaSaber/YouTube)

Videos of this play can be seen above. The first part is not available, I don’t know the reason. And as you are watching, the next parts (7 videos) will be succeeding…

I chose not to translate all the play or the Diogo's lines, but if you are observant, you will see, the funny begins when the ghost of the gay transvestite Zé "becomes" Jorge (Diogo) –- look at the sparks when he does it and controls Jorge’s body, making him gay too, for a while…  Like a gentle butterfly on the scene, looks so irresistible!!

One thing I can assure to you all… Diogo Morgado is absolutely hilarious here!  Hope you all enjoy it… even without subtitles!  

And finally, here is a great interview with Diogo and the rest of the cast talking about "Acredita, estou possuído” with a translation below the clip.

(clip courtesy of Cibele Skalski/YouTube)

First, Victor Espadinha (“”) talks about the fact he possessed the body of Diogo Morgado.

Then Sylvie Dias (“Susana”) talks about her experience in this play, says she was invited by the director Almeno Gonçalves.

Diogo talks about his experience too:

Reporter: Diogo, how much time did you take to compose this character?

Diogo Morgado: I think that every day, since the first day that we received the text, until now, all days we are drawing up to this. It's organic, right? We make a compromise between our energies and what we have to give the characters.

The Reporter then talks with “the angel” that comes from the beyond to guide the lost soul of . And then she talks with Rodrigo Menezes, (“Luis”) who falls in love mostly due to his undefined sexuality. 

What is great to watch in this little interview is the contagious good mood and relaxation of the whole cast. 

Beijinhos (kisses), Liliana

(Obrigada, as always my friend. Great job!  Xoxo, Sara)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Waiting for "Eduardo" -- A look back at "João Caldas Ribeiro"

Yesterday, Diogo tweeted that he was in Portugal preparing for the new SIC drama series, "Ambição" ("Ambition.)"  Specifically, Diogo said he was really excited about creating his character for the series, "Eduardo," whom he described as a "tricky and unique individual" and that it is going to be fun.  When asked if he will be playing a hero or a villain, Diogo tweeted that "Eduardo" is definitely not a hero.  You may recall, "Eduardo" will have both a trophy wife and a mistress, according to the SIC press release.

So, as we eagerly await to see "Ambição" and get to know "Eduardo," I thought it would be cool to take a closer look back at the last character Diogo played on a TV series -- "João Caldas Ribeiro" in the SIC 2011 Emmy award winning series, "Laços de Sangue" ("Blood Ties.")

(photo courtesy of SAPO)

"João Caldas Ribeiro" was a doctor and humanitarian who took part often in "Doctors Without Borders."  But it was João's tumultuous personal life that was the heart of "Laços de Sangue." Specifically, João was caught in the middle of a love triangle with two sisters -- who, separated during childhood, become arch-enemies as adults -- the villainess "Diana" (played by Joana Santos) and the heroine, "Inês" (played by Diana Chaves.)

Here are two links to two quick clips of Diogo as "João."  Two very different scenes, showing the high and lows of this character's story in "Laços de Sangue."  @MsLiliana has also kindly provided a translation of each scene, found below the link.

João tries to kill Diana

João: Shhh shut up, shut up… I told you Diana, I told you to keep away from my wife and my kid, and you didn't care… 
Diana: So I didn't! And now??.....
João: Shhhh.
Diana: What are you gonna do now?!... You don´t have the guts to shoot, João! We've been through this before, remember? … You are a coward! 
João: You’re right… we have been through this before…  but this time I am going to play by your rules! This time I will do the right thing! Try to follow … I am going to kill you, but it will be in self-defense, because I have a gun at my backpack with an erased serial number. When I kill you, I will put that gun in your hand, and shoot at the door, to pretend you tried to kill me, understand?   But everything will end up the good way. My family will stay safe, and I will not have to pay for your death….
(Judge enters the room.)
Judge: What is this?
João:  Wait. I know you… You are the judge that got Diana free from jail…… 


João and Inês Sing Happy Birthday to Tiago

João: Let’s blow out the candles! 
(Inês and João give baby Tiago to his godfather)
João: Do not feel like going to the hospital now…
Inês: It’s your work. And besides there are people there who need you.
João: That is true. So you mean you don't need me, that it? 
Inês: Noooo I need you! But I know that I will have you forever…


Diogo was in 315 episodes of "Laços de Sangue," from 2010 to 2011.  You may recall, this is also the character/show in which Diogo did his own stunt -- jumping off a cliff.  

For his work as "João" on the series, Diogo was nominated for a "TV 7 Dias" ("7 Days TV Magazine") Award for "Best Actor" in 2011.  Diogo spoke humbly of this honor in this interview, translated below the clip thanks to @MsLiliana:

(clip courtesy of Acesso Total/YouTube)

"Reporter: Diogo Morgado nominated in the category of best actor…
Diogo Morgado/DM: Yes….
Reporter: Nervous?
DM: Uhhh a little bit anxious, yes I am, confess. I am not… how should I say it… This is not a place where I feel at ease… in the middle of all this glamour, these people… this excitement…. For me it is awkward. So… independently of being nominated or not there is always a little anxiety, it’s true.
Reporter: Imagine that today you take that prize home… The prize is voted by the audience, does that change the way you look at the prize, or not?
DM: No, off course not. Well to the prize I won’t look, I will look at it once… There is no way of looking at a prize unless giving thanks to the ones who voted, and for the path we have been doing, and that is a proud motive, but is with no doubt an appreciation for those who voted and keep up with what we do.
Reporter: Do you think that this is a kind of recognition that actors deserve for their work and effort every day?
DM: No doubt!  I think these awards are the ones that at this moment are about TV, and I think because Portuguese TV production is becoming stronger each day, it's a sector that also deserves recognition.  Really deserves it due to the dedication of so many people, not only the actors, but also the technicians, directors, writers… and that not being acknowledged would be a failure. That is why I am here, these events need our presence.
Reporter: I wish you all the best luck in the world and that you take the trophy home.
DM: Thank you… thank you!"

Diogo also shared his favorite and least favorite scenes to film in "Laços de Sangue" in this fun interview, again kindly translated by @MsLiliana below the clip: (you will need flash to view this.)

"Diogo: I liked to shoot…. I liked asking Inês to marry me… in Brazil… I thought that scene was fun!

What I liked least … uhhh the scenes where my sister Alice dies pregnant… well I didn't like that! I mean… I liked to shoot it because they were difficult scenes, but I didn't like because I felt uncomfortable… you guys now, c’mon!
Oh well… about one year and one or two weeks ago, we’re preparing, and rehearsing to make a series at SIC, called “Laços de Sangue.” At the time we were a little nervous about what would happen. There were two actresses who were working with me, we didn't known each other that well. To make sure that this would work out, just like that. Meanwhile we just got along and 3 weeks after rehearsals we thought: This might work!!
One year and a week later… here we are.  It worked out! Things went well, people liked it, YOU who are there, also like it … and for us it's a huge honor being here today celebrating something that was important to SIC and I think for Portuguese TV production too.  All thanks to you, so thank you so much, and big thanks to you from SicOnline."

So while we won't see Diogo as "Eduardo" in "Ambição" for some time, I do think it's great to know that based on what we've read of "Eduardo" and seen of "João," this next character Diogo will play on SIC will be different from his last.  And I personally love that "Eduardo" will be VERY different from "Jesus," maybe even the anti-Jesus, hee.  Seriously, I think it will be really good, interesting and fun to see Diogo play a "tricky individual." 

Until then, if you want to see even more of Diogo as João Caldas Ribeiro, here's an incredible trailer for "Laços de Sangue," WITH English subtitles:

(clip courtesy of Luis MBF/YouTube)

Obrigada, as always to @MsLiliana for her time and effort in giving us all these translations.